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Help, my gutters are overflowing!

Gutters that overflow is a common problem.  This could be a simple as cleaning out your gutters. Clogged downpipes and gutter should be cleaned yearly or a Leaf Guard system installed for worry free gutters.  Resloping or simply adding another downpipe can also handle the excess water.   Read More

Help, my gutters are dripping at the corners!

Gutters that leak at the corners can be annoying and dangerous with ice buildup on your sidewalks. These should  be professionally sealed so don’t try cheap lumberyard sealants. If the gutter is not to old repairing is your best option but let us give you a free quote on corner repairs with the optional price to upgrade to new gutters.

Help, it’s leaking behind my gutters!

Leaking behind the gutters is the most commonly misunderstood problem a gutter system can have.  The Gutter is not always to blame and we have to look closely at the shingle above the gutter.  Water must flow off a shingle and drop directly down like a waterfall into the gutter without getting behind it.  This means that the roof edge shingle must be long enough in overhang (about 1”) to effectively do this.  Roof felt and roof edge flashing correctly installed also work to ensure this happens.  Let us give you a quote on custom metal flashing or consider the roofs condition for replacement.

Help, I damaged my gutters!

So you backed the RV into your rain gutters.  Ouch!  We can replace your gutter but the shape and profile of the gutter must be matched.  All  profile shapes are unique so you need to get the exact shape to blend in with the rest of your eavestrough.  Call or even send  us a picture and we can respond with our advice.


Help, there’s lots of ice on my roof edge damaging my gutters!

Ice is particularly troublesome in our Canadian climate.  Gutters DO NOT create ice but heat melting snow that freezes creates the ice.  Just because the gutters are a giant ice cube doesn’t mean that replacing them will solve this next year.  Cleaning the gutter of debris is the simplest solution; however, roof insulation is the most likely culprit.  Heat escaping from your poorly insulated attic melts the snow which freezes to cause ice buildup at the roof edge.  Heavy snow regions might want to consider  our Alu-rex Leaf/Ice/Snow Solution.   Read More

Help, my gutters are pulling away from the home!

This is a common problem when the fasteners are too short.  We install only top quality hex drive screws with self sealing washers that exceed common local standards for both length and strength.  Sometimes excessive snow and ice can pull gutters away so these problems may simply be addressed with our Super Strong T-Rex Leaf guard.  It strengthens your gutter by acting like a continuous hanger.  Not only do you get a Leaf Guard but you get a durable ultra strong eavestrough system.  Read More

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